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Kyiv (not Kiev!) is a place where the rhythm of history meets a modern urban vibe!

Ukrainian capital is a modern city, home to hundreds of successful startups, cultural events and cool venues to meet your every need! And when the sun goes down — rich nightlife gets started!

In 2013-2014 Kyiv became the center of the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity. Images of the Maidan made the front pages of media all across the world.

The free European city manifested itself. 

Some now call the Ukrainian capital ‘New Berlin’. It’s not. 

It’s Kyiv. Ancient (more than 1500 years!). Modern. Ageless.

Our top (and sometimes unobvious) recommendations for you:

1. For history lovers

St. Sophia Cathedral is one of the few surviving buildings of the Kyivan Rus’ time. It is a monument of architecture and monumental painting of the second decade of the 11th century (1011–1018). Today a lot of open-air concerts, as well as art expositions, are organized in the cathedral grounds. 

Don’t forget to visit the bell tower! Yes, it’s 76 meters high. No, no elevator is available. But it’s definitely worth the climb up! From the top, you’ll be rewarded with one of the best panoramic views of Kyiv. 

Bell tower and Saint Sophia’s Cathedral shot at dusk Kyiv, Ukraine
Photo: Ruslan Kalnitsky, Shutterstock
The interior of the St.Sophia Cathedral. UNESCO Heritage, Kyiv, Ukraine
Photo: AlesiaKan, Shutterstock

2. For party lovers

Podil. Artisans’ district in times of the Kyivan Rus‘. Today it’s home to hipsters and ravers. Start your evening somewhere on the junction of Yaroslavska and Mezhyhirska streets, choose a bar, start drinking, start talking, ask those around you for tips.  

People walking by Andrew descent
Photo: joyfull, Shutterstock
Photo: Yevheniia Liulko

The only minus is that you can miss your flight back. Even if it was in a week.

3. For brutalist and socialist modernist architecture lovers

You’ll be amazed how many strange but beautiful buildings you can find in less than obvious locations around Kyiv. For example, take a look at this UFO or skyscraper which met the Soviet bureaucracy.

Memory Park
Photo: Alex Bykov, Soviet Modernism. Brutalism. Post-Modernism. Buildings and Structures in Ukraine 1955-1991 by Osnovy Publishing
Salut Hotel 
Photo: Sklo Studio, Shutterstock

No worries please — everything is already decommunized!

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